Please take the time to read our rehoming policy below.

We here at Rocky’s Rescue will do our best to find the right dog for you and your family. 

Once you apply to adopt one of our dogs, we will carry out a home check to ensure your garden meets our requirements which consists of a 6ft fence and to ensure there are no hazards in the garden, eg, open ponds, cluttered areas.

All our home checks re carried out by members of The Animal Team, a registered charity in the UK. A home checker will contact you shortly after your application is received, please remember when booking your home check, we require all members of the family to be present.

We do not rehome to anyone unemployed, living in flats with communal areas only or to families with children under 5 unless there is an existing resident dog.

We will not rehome a dog to someone who is planning to move house imminently, to anyone going on holiday in the very near future or someone who is currently pregnant. We ask that you wait until you have moved to apply to adopt or until you return from holiday to allow you time to bond with your dog.

If you live in rented or shared ownership accomodation, we require a copy of your lease agreement stating you are allowed to have pets in your home. We cannot proceed with your application without this.

We require you to spay or neuter your new dog and in signing the adoption application and adoption contract, you are agreeing to do so. If you apply to adopt an older dog, they will be spayed/neutered before transport to their new home.

We will not rehome a dog where there is an existing un-neutered/ un-spayed dog.

If you decide after adoption, you no longer wish to keep your dog, you are required to return the dog to Rocky’s Rescue as per the adoption contract. We will arrange for your dog to be picked up asap once the Relinquishment of Ownership form has been signed and received by our team.

We are here to give advice all the way through the adoption process and for the life of the dog. We have a puppy trainer and behaviourist linked with the rescue and will endeavour to help as much as we can.

Please remember we can only help if we are informed of any problems so please let us know as soon as you need advise.

Now, if you’d like to apply to adopt a dog, please go to our Dogs for Adoption page.

Many thanks

The Team at Rocky’s Rescue

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