Customer care is very important to us here at Rocky’s Rescue. All feedback is welcomed, and we take complaints very seriously.

How to submit a complaint

We would ask that all complaints are sent via email. We ask that you put as much information as possible for us to deal with your complaint effectively.

Complaints can be made to

We may not be able to deal with your complaint if:

  • the complaint is illegible or incoherent.
  • If your complaint refers to an incident older than three months.
  • If a complainant is being abusive, offensive or harassing members of the team.
  • If a complaint is being pursued that has already gone through our escalation process.
  • If a complaint is made anonymously.

How we deal with your complaint

There are three steps in the rehoming complaints procedure which allow us to listen to what you have to say and investigate and resolve your concerns objectively and honestly. All rehoming complaints will be handled in this way.

Step 1

  • New complaints will be formally recorded and acknowledged within three working days.
  • Complaints will be passed to the Foster and Adoption Co-ordinator . They will aim to respond to you within 14 days from the date of acknowledgment.

Step 2

  • If you are not happy with the reply you receive from step 1, please let us know within 14 days. This will then be passed to the Chief Executive Office who will review your complaint and the response sent. If more information is required, we will be in touch within 14 days. We will always aim to deal with complaints at this stage within 7 days.

·       Step 3

  • If for some reason you are still unhappy with our response this will then be escalated to the Board of Trustees and Senior Management.
  • Step 3 is our highest escalation point, and decisions made at this step will be final.
  • If you are not happy with our final decision you can then contact The Charity Commission 

Non-Re-Homing Complaints

For any other complaints, please contact us here

Our Charity

  • Rocky’s Rescue
  • Registered in England & Wales
  • Charity No. 1182726



Our Charity

  • Rocky’s Rescue
  • Registered in England & Wales
  • Charity No. 1182726



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