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Every member of the Rocky’s Rescue team is a volunteer.

Here’s a little more about us.

Jean Corbett

Founder , Chief Executive Officer and Trustee

As the visionary CEO of Rocky’s Rescue, Jean established the Rocky’s Rescue in October 2016, driven by a profound realisation of the mistreatment faced by some dogs. Growing up immersed in the company of dogs and cats, Jean’s lifelong passion for animals fuels her dedication to this cause. Alongside her role at Rocky’s Rescue, Jean’s full-time commitment extends to a care setting, demonstrating her deep-rooted compassion and work ethic.

Eager to deepen her understanding of dogs and their behaviours, Jean diligently attends various training courses to stay abreast of the latest knowledge. In April 2019, Jean took a significant step forward by registering Rocky’s Rescue as a charity, marking a pivotal moment in her mission to make a positive impact.

With a bold vision for the future, Jean aspires to realise her dream of establishing the Rocky’s Rescue Re-homing Centre in the UK, a testament to her unwavering dedication to providing a safe haven for rescued animals.

Sue Humphreys

Accounts Manager, Foster & Adoption Co-ordinator and Trustee

Sue’s journey with Rocky’s Rescue began in March 2020 when she opened her heart to a furry companion through adoption. Witnessing Jean’s unwavering dedication to finding loving homes for every dog, Sue was inspired to contribute and promptly offered her services as a volunteer.

As a pivotal member of the team, Sue manages all inquiries, fosters, and adoption applications with care and commitment. In addition to her role as the Accounts Manager for Rocky’s Rescue, Sue brings a wealth of experience and compassion to her duties.

Now retired, Sue dedicates the majority of her time to supporting dogs in need, channelling her passion into this vital cause. Recognising her exceptional contributions, Sue was honoured with the role of Deputy Manager in July 2021, further exemplifying her commitment to the welfare of these beloved animals.

Bethany Kent

imdtb trainer & behaviourist

Bethany has experience with Behavioural Consultation, 1-2-1 session, Puppy classes, Group classes, Workshops, Scent work, Trick work, Agility and so much more.

She has lived with dogs for her whole life, two being from rescues and another being raised from a puppy. She is a kind and friendly individual that cares about the welfare of the dogs she is working with and will always give positive based training when working with your dog.

For more information please visit their website barkingbuds or contact us and we can put you in touch.

Tom Humphreys-Newman

website and i.t support

Tom joined the team in November 2020. His journey began with the adoption of Luna, followed by offering foster care to Kona. During the day, Tom serves as a dedicated Customer Service Specialist in web support, providing assistance to small and medium business nationwide.

In his free time, Tom is committed to furthering his expertise by pursuing a part-time Bachelor of Science Honours Degree in Computing and Information Technology. Leveraging his skills, he actively contributes to the development and enhancement of the Rocky’s Rescue website and various online platforms.

In July 2021, Tom expanded his furry family by welcoming Prue, following a foster process that didn’t go as planned. Now, Prue thrives alongside two other four-legged companions in a harmonious environment.

Tom’s passion for leveraging technology to support the charity’s mission shines through his dedication and continued efforts to make a positive impact on the lives of these loving animals.

Want to join the team?

We are always looking for ambitious, enthusiastic and entrepreuneurial people to join our team. If this sounds like you, drop us a line with what you can bring to our company that sets you apart from anyone else.

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