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    We do not recommend using crates for our dogs as they will likely find this stressful. Do you agree to this? (required)

    Are you willing to cover the cost of caring for a foster dog, except for medical expenses? With medical bills we will endeavour to cover these through donations, we must see receipts for costs incurred. Please let us know about vet visits in advance. (required)

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    If an adoption falls through, would you be happy to take on a foster at short notice as part of our emergency foster backup? (required)

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    Are you willing to allow a 2 week settling in period before you decide you can no longer foster the dog? The journey over can be stressful and many dogs are timid when they arrive. It can take a couple of weeks for their true personalities to come through. (required)

    If your application is accepted we make use of independent home checkers to assess the suitability of your home to take on one of our dogs. Please tick here to confirm that you are happy for us to pass your details on to the home checkers.
    Check here if you accept these terms.